The two NFL players who have torn their ACLs during sack celebrations this year -- Stephen Tulloch of the Detroit Lions and Lamarr Houston of the Chicago Bears -- did so on remarkably similar moves.

That celebration bears some resemblance to the "Discount Double Check" move that was popularized by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers both on the field and in commercials for State Farm:

Here are the moves that injured Tulloch and Houston:

Tulloch, who did the move after sacking Rodgers, may have been mocking the Packers quarterback.

"Unfortunately, I got up in celebration and it happened," Tulloch said. "But I ain't embarrassed by nothing. We all celebrate when we make a play."

Houston got more criticism for his celebration, as he pulled the move with his team down 25 points against the New England Patriots.

"I probably shouldn't have celebrated like that, but it happens," Houston said.

Steven Perlberg of the Wall Street Journal spoke with a State Farm spokeswoman, who called the injuries "unfortunate" but confirmed there's no inherent danger in the celebration.

"It's very unfortunate that these players injured themselves while celebrating, but it is our belief that the Discount Double Check is not inherently dangerous,” the spokeswoman said. "In fact, it can be used to help you save money on insurance when performed correctly. We encourage all athletes to celebrate responsibly."

Ironically, the injuries may end up serving as good marketing for State Farm.

“This event is like a tragicomedy," branding expert Dean Crutchfield told the Journal, "but it endorses the need for their services as an insurer."

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