Ever the workhorse, Clay Matthews wasn't content to use Green Bay's bye week as an excuse to sit around the house. Instead, he took a trip to Sledgehammer Studios to get a behind-the-scenes look at the process behind the 'Call of Duty' videogame series.

As part of the deal, Matthews spent one day working as an intern at the Studios. There was a catch, of course: he had to work while wearing an exoskeleton, one of the special pieces of gear featured in the upcoming installment, 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.' We caught up with him the day before his internship to get his thoughts on the new game.

ThePostGame: How did you become a fan of the Call of Duty games?
CLAY MATTHEWS: Well, I think just growing up in general and being a guy, video games are obviously around, and I definitely played my fair share of them. As games have continued to develop, I've been playing 'Call of Duty' ever since it first came out,

[Advanced Warfare] is the next continuation of the game. It continues to evolve, and I plan on playing as long as I have time to play video games.

TPG: You're working as an intern at Sledgehammer. What does that mean?
MATTHEWS: I'm assuming I'm going to be taking on the normal task of any intern at a company: Getting the boss' coffee, getting the mail, other duties reserved for an intern. With this game especially, they are introducing the new exoskeleton -- I believe they have one that I'll be wearing tomorrow. Just doing that, seeing how [the game] is made, it's exciting to see.

TPG: Are you excited to try on the exoskeleton?
MATTHEWS: I hope it's just like the character in the game, and that it makes me run faster, jump higher, all of that. Maybe we could use it in the NFL, that might be the future right there.

TPG: Maybe you could sneak it underneath your uniform.
MATTHEWS: I was making a joke earlier today that if we could figure out a way to make that work, that might be something I have to do. Get some more quarterback sacks.

TPG: Who do you like to play 'Call of Duty' with? Just yourself, or any teammates?
MATTHEWS: What I find most enjoyable is that you can play online through matchmaking. I can play with my teammates in their respective homes, be on the same team and communicate. Playing online with them, we’re always shooting each other texts after practice to see who can get on.

TPG: Any teammates in particular?
MATTHEWS: Inside linebacker Jamari Lattimore, I play with him quite a bit, and he’s a gamer. A self-proclaimed gamer, exceptional in 'Call of Duty.' I've got a few teammates that are pretty good.

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