In his first full MLB season, Matt Shoemaker is already entrenched as a top starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels. He also happens to be an avid gamer. When you combine the two, you get a star athlete with privileged access to one of the fall's most-anticipated video games. Here's Shoemaker giving the inside scoop on his video game habits, as well as what he likes about "Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare," which hits stores on Nov. 4.

ThePostGame: Have you had a chance to play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?
MATT SHOEMAKER: Yeah, I’ve actually been able to play it in the Sledgehammer studio.

TPG: What makes this installment of Call of Duty stand out?
SHOEMAKER: It's really cool seeing all the new stuff, the exo-skeleton [a suit players can wear that gives them superpowers including boost-jumping and wall-scaling], all the new [player] movements -- it's really gonna draw people into it. I really love playing the game.

TPG: Are first-person shooters your favorite type of game, or are there other types you enjoy?
SHOEMAKER: I definitely enjoy them the most. Most of the time I'm able to play is in the offseason. Definitely the Call of Duties, the Halo's. I also play some Tiger Woods golf, some Madden.

TPG: Who do you like to play with?
SHOEMAKER: I've got my brother-in-law and cousin at home, and we try to get on the same team together and go on missions.

TPG: How often do you play COD: Advanced Warfare every week?
SHOEMAKER: I honestly couldn't put a good time frame on it. I would say, one week it could be that I don’t play for a couple of weeks, and the next I play it the whole week.

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