Before he was a muttering groundskeeper in Caddyshack, even before he was allegedly expelled from Regis University for hitting golf balls off a campus roof, Bill Murray's life revolved around golf.

As the movie star revealed to Ahmad Rashad on the talk show host's self-titled cable TV program, Murray and his brothers were put to work on the golf course at a young age, first as a shag boy chasing down balls on the driving range.

As Murray explains, shag boys were sent out onto the open range and were used as target practice for golfers.

"[A golfer] would go, like, 'I'm gonna start out with the nine-iron,' so you'd go out to like the nine-iron range, and he would hit it right at you," Murray said.

"They hit me a couple times when I was 'distracted.'"

Nowadays, Murray still loves to play golf and even participates in some semi-pro and celebrity tournaments. Perhaps the most impressive thing he's ever done on the golf course is participate in a tournament earlier this year while wearing an exquisite pair of PBR pants.

Rashad's full interview with Murray will air on the Back9Network, which launched Monday on DirecTV. Here is a preview clip:

Bill Murray: Golf Buff

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