On Monday night, Jimmy Fallon hosted golf's two megastars of the post-Jack Nicklaus Era: Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy (sorry, Phil Mickelson).

Woods, the 38-year-old 14-time major winner, and McIlory, the 25-year-old four-time major winner, spent the first five minutes chatting golf with Fallon during their appearance on The Tonight Show.

Fallon gushed over McIlroy's 2014 British Open and PGA Championship titles, while Woods dropped some of the most self-deprecating humor in the history of sports figures on television. While McIlroy humbly accepted Fallon's compliments, Woods said on the topic of darkness during the fourth round of the PGA: "It was really bright on TV though from my couch."

Woods also said chasing around two kids keeps his back in shape. There was a time no one could get a word out of this guy. On Monday night, Woods reamed with jokes. He only used to act this animated in Gillette commercials.

McIlroy and Woods spent some time explaining their equipment to Fallon. It is going to be hard for any brand to compete with Nike when they have the two most recognizable faces in the sport on national television with their equipment.

In the second half of the segment, Fallon battled McIlroy in a chipping contest called "Facebreakers." The object of the game was to break the other man's six glass faces first. McIlroy won with relative ease, claiming a trophy that apparently had his name already engraved (where does he put something like that in relation to his major championship trophies?).

Woods serves as Fallon's caddy for the game, as he cannot swing a club due to his back injury. One can sense the first in Woods eyes, wanting to swing again.

McIlroy speaks highly of Woods throughout the segment, claiming he models parts of his game after Woods and appreciates Woods' run of majors lasting from 1997-2008 (which has since quieted). Meanwhile, Fallon teases Woods over beating the golfer in on the Nintendo Wii a few years ago:

Could the late night television scene be a precursor for majors in 2015 involving Woods and McIlroy at the top of the leaderboard? It would certainly be good for golf ... better than its two uberfaces appearing just on Fallon.

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