Kain Colter is a college graduate. At this stage of the college football unionization fight, the inaugural spokesman of the College Athletes Players Association is not an NCAA athlete. The former Northwestern quarterback signed as a receiver with the Vikings after going undrafted.

But Colter's role in CAPA's unionization fight is perhaps far from over. He appeared on The Daily Show one month ago, and he continues to tweet his views on college players' rights.

Late Monday night, Colter went visual with his debate. He posted an Instagram of himself posing in a picture reading, "Has anyone seen my likeness?"

The photo is a reference to a key point of the college players' rights campaign. Even before the topic of unionization was brought up, there were lawsuits, notably the Ed O'Bannon case, involving revenue from college athletes' likenesses from video game portrayals, jerseys, shirts and other merchandise.

It is important to remember Colter's problem with likenesses could first be seen in July 2012. When NCAA Football 13 unleashed its rosters, Northwestern "QB #2" was made with a lighter skin tone and lighter hair than Colter.

In his senior year, in NCAA Football 14, Colter's skin tone was darker than his natural skin tone. Before unionization was even a thing, Colter had issues with likenesses.

Colter tagged @theAlibiXstory in the Instagram and subsequent tweet to the photo. "Alibi X is a brand that hopes to bring attention to the social injustices in todays society," according to the company's Twitter page.

In March, the National Labor Relations Board in Chicago ruled, after a battle led by Colter and CAPA, Northwestern football players are employees who are permitted to unionize. In April, Northwestern scholarship players voted in Evanston, Ill. The results of the poll are yet to be reported, but journalists close to the team believe the union will not receive the necessary majority. Northwestern University has appealed the initial NLRB decision.

Northwestern opens the season on August 30 at home versus California. Meanwhile, the Vikings open training camp Thursday.

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