A collaboration between actor Keanu Reeves and motorcycle designer Gard Hollinger that began five years ago has resulted in an innovative new biking group, the Arch Motorcycle Company.

Reeves approached Hollinger in 2007 in hopes of customizing one of his favorite bikes. Hollinger has worked on the ride during the past few years, and in the process the two men decided to go into business together.

As Reeves explained to George Stroumboulopoulos on a recent CNN special, the bike has a retro-modern style, similar to the Norton's that he tends to prefer.

"This first prototype is the result of a five year collaboration with the goal of building a custom motorcycle focused on it’s ride-ability, in the process Arch Motorcycle Company was founded," reads the description on Arch Motorcycle's Facebook page. "The groundbreaking ride is characterized by power and stability, it’s agile, comfortable and built without compromise. The goal was achieved, cementing the commitment to further refine it and offer it as our first production motorcycle."

According to Arch Motorcycle's website, the first production model of Reeves' motorcycle is nearing completion.