Bikers passing through Tempe may be pleasantly surprised to find a cool new seven-acre complex built with motorcycles in mind.

Renowned chef Michael O'Dowd has teamed with Ed Leclere, a Harley-Davidson promoter, and Rick Hatch, a former Harley-Davidson dealer, to create the Motorsports Garage Fork & Torque. According to the Arizona Republic, the seven-acre complex will include a Fork & Torque restaurant, a motorcycle dealership and rental agency, a 5,000-seat concert venue and even a clothing store.

O'Dowd told the Arizona Republic that Fork & Torque will have a "smokehouse" menu, saying it will be a "friendly" environment that caters to families and not just "a buch of Hell's Angels."

The Motorsports Garage Fork & Torque is one of a few projects that O'Down and Leclere have opened under the umbrella of their new company, Vivid Lifestyle Concepts. They recently opened Renegade by MOD, a well-reviewed restaurant in Scottsdale, and they're also taking over food and beverage operations at SunRidge Canyon, a public golf course in Fountain Hills.

Renegade by MOD also has a motorcycle theme, with bikes and motorcycles displayed around the restaurant.

O'Dowd, Leclere and Hatch are planning on opening the Motorsports Garage Fork & Torque in September.