As if Notre Dame students needed more incentive to snatch up one of the 2,500 student tickets to the BCS National Championship Game in Miami, they've now got a great reason.

ESPN's Darren Rovell reported that a Notre Dame booster made a $375,000 donation, which will cut the price of tickets for students in half. Before they were $300. Now they're $150.

Josh Berlo, head of ticketing at Notre Dame, told Rovell that the donor wishes to to remain anonymous.

Less than 24 hours after the matchup was made official, the school received 4,000 student requests for tickets and more than 100,000 requests from alumni for the school's 17,000 seat allotment, Berlo told WISHTV. Tickets will be granted using a lottery system.

Notre Dame students aren't the only ones receiving discounted bowl tickets to a bowl game in Miami. Northern Illinois, which will play Florida State in the Orange Bowl, has announced that it will give every student a free ticket to the game.

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