Cleveland fans, you may want to look away.

It turns out that the extremely powerful winds of Hurricane Sandy have washed ashore some remnants of the old Municipal Stadium that were thrown into Lake Erie as breakwall after the stadium was torn down 15 years ago. The bricks are sitting on the shores in Bratenahl, northeast of the city.

That's right, the bricks that witnessed "The Drive" along with decades of Cleveland sports futility, are sitting on the shore near Lake Erie. Municipal Stadium, which was once a point of pride for the city, became a point of contention in the 1990s. Indeed, the stadium's futility was a significant factor in Art Modell's decision to move the franchise to Baltimore.

The picture comes from Tremont Electric in Cleveland, who write that the bricks are now "souvenirs" for any Cleveland fans. That may not be the right word. Perhaps "demons" would be more fitting.

(H/T to Deadspin)

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