It's election season in the United States, and things are heating up for Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Puddles the Duck.

That's right, Puddles the Duck. If, somehow, you missed the announcement last month, we'll fill you in. Oregon's mascot, Puddles, announced that he would be running for President of the United States during a short press conference. Unfortunately, he didn't take any questions and his platform remains unclear.

Things got interesting this week when Arizona State mascot and concerned Pac-12 citizen Sparky the Sun Devil released a video smearing Puddles. The ad mocks Puddles, using footage from his 2007 fight against Houston's mascot Shasta to demonstrate his vulnerability as a candidate. The video ends with a simply question:

"Is this really the bad boy we want representing the Pac-12?"

Unfortunately, voters won't determine the outcome of this race. It will be decided on the field when the Ducks take on the Sun Devils in Phoenix on October 18.

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