One of the greatest benefits of Twitter for sports fans is the athlete-fan interactions that were practically impossible before the advent of tweeting.

Now, fans can play catch with big leaguers, score wedding invites and much more.

One savvy NBA star turned the tables recently. Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger used Twitter to make a request of his followers, and it appears to have worked.

Granger (@dgranger33) tweeted the following on Friday morning, when the iPhone 5 was released:

That's quite a proposition, but it appears Granger had to wait some time before getting a response.

A few followers tweeted at Granger, asking if he was serious. He was. And while it's unclear which of his lucky followers delivered him the goods, just hours after his original tweet he posted a photo of his new phone.

It took a while, but at least Granger got some response from his followers. Other athletes haven't been so lucky.

(H/T to USA Today)

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