A golf club in Texas has been sued several months after a brutal brawl on the 13th hole left a man without the use of his right foot and leg and facing the possibility of amputation.

The Courthouse News Service reported this week that Clay Carpenter has sued The Golf Club at the Resort in Fort Worth after he nearly bled to death following a February confrontation on the 13th hole.

Carpenter was playing the 12th hole of the course with two friends when he says his group was instructed by a golf pro to play through the slow-moving foursome on the 13th hole. The golf pro then went to check with the foursome and make sure it was all right for Carpenter's group to pass.

"After a period of time, the golf pro/marshall returned and stated the threesome could play through," the complaint states. "The golf pro/marshall then stated 'One of them up there ain't right.'"

According to the complaint, when the threesome reached the tee box of the 13th hole, they were approached by an intoxicated member of the foursome, identified in the complaint as Roy Vinson. Carpenter also said in the complaint that other members of the foursome began to shout insults at his group, and before long he was whacked by Vinson with a club in a "'tomahawk-chop' manner." The impact of the hit broke Carpenter's thumb and also shattered the club.

Carpenter claims he tried to tackle Vinson but ended up falling on the broken club. The club shot through Carpenter's upper thigh and pierced his right femoral artery. Carpenter began bleeding profusely, and he says he almost died on the way to the hospital. Now, Carpenter says he has lost the use of his right leg and foot.

In his claim, Carpenter is seeking actual and punitive damages for negligence, premises liability and dram shop liability.

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