The statue may be gone, but at least one relic from the era of former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno will remain in Happy Valley.

This week the Berkey Creamery confirmed that it will not rename its "Peachy Paterno" ice cream flavor, which it has sold since 1987. The Creamery has emphasized that the ice cream honors Paterno's academic -- not athletic -- legacy at Penn State.

“Peachy Paterno ice cream is still being manufactured and sold in the Creamery salesroom," Berkey Creamery Manager Thomas Palchak told on Monday. "We reiterate this ice cream was named in honor of Joe Paterno’s academic contributions to Penn State University and does not have any connection to the football program in particular or athletics in general."

The Creamery, which is run by the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State, will donate sales from the ice cream toward an organization that works with the issue of child abuse.

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