President Obama has had his share of memorable accomplishments during his time in the White House, but this wouldn't be one of them.

Obama spent part of Father's Day weekend participating in his 100th round of golf in sweet home Chicago.

Since becoming the 44th President of the United States, Obama has golfed 28 times in 2009, 30 more in 2010 and 34 in 2011, according to the White House Dossier blog via the Daily Mail.

The White House blog reports Obama's support staff attempts to downplay his numerous golf trips, instead promoting his basketball games, despite the fact he plays far more golf than hoops.

Generally speaking, those that support Obama will point out that he combines golf with official business while wandering the greens.

On the other hand, the extremely criticized President George W. Bush played golf just 24 times during his eight years as Commander-In-Chief. Bush completely stopped hitting the links in 2003, after the start of the War in Iraq.

President John F. Kennedy is said to be the best presidential golfer of all time.

In the long run, even with a second term in Washington, Obama is unlikely to ever catch the unofficial Presidential leader in golf. That would be President Woodrow Wilson, who the Daily Mail reports played a near impossible 1,200 rounds during his eight years in charge.

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