Carmelo Anthony has struggled when he hasn't played the lead role on the New York Knicks. It appears he may be just as awkward in a cameo role on the silver screen.

Anthony and Dwight Howard (along with Scottie Pippen and Magic Johnson) are featured in a Chinese movie title "Amazing" this summer. And from the looks of the recently-released preview, maybe these guys should stick to basketball.

The flick has been dubbed a "Chinese Space Jam." It has also been compared to the 2010 sci-fi flick "Tron." A cross between "Space Jam" and "Tron?" Now we're talking.

Amazingly, it's been 16 years since the opening of the pioneering basketball movie--the one starring MJ and Buggs Bunny--and few athletes have come close to Jordan's success. They've ranged from solid (Ray Allen was good in "He Got Game") to hilarious (Mike Tyson in the "Hangover") to unfortunate (Shaq in "Kazaam").

After seeing the previews for "Amazing," it seems safe to say MJ will hold the throne for at least another year.

PS: Kevin Durant also throws his hat into the mix with his own feature film due out in August, "Thunderstruck."

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