Robert Griffin III isn't the only person in his family with a sweet nickname. The Redskins new franchise quarterback has a grandmother who can't say enough wonderful things about RG3.

Ordinarily when grandparents of athletes talk, it's not all that interesting, but this was different.

Juley Allen can't wait to see her grandson playing quarterback in Washington, D.C. She told WTVR-TV that she'll happily now be known by her new nickname "RG3G," aka RG3's grandmother.

"I walk around like I'm on top of the world," Allen said.

She proudly showed off articles about RG3's many successes, even a photograph taken with former President George Bush. "He always said one day he was gonna be something," Allen said from her home in Richmond, Va.

Be that as it may, Griffin hasn't signed with the Redskins, but when he does, Allen was asked if she'll pry into her grandson about a new home. "Not yet, [maybe part of his] contract negotiations, right? Oh, it's on my list," she said.

Grandma also has a ticket request for FedEx Field. "I want front row seats, not down by the hot dog stand or chili," Allen joked to CBS-6. And will he take them to the Super Bowl in this first year? "Yes!" she exclaimed. A bold prediction, eh? Super Bowl it is."

Although RG3 grew up an Army brat, the majority of his family lives in the New Orleans area and are diehard Saints supporters, or should we say were, until the 2012 NFL Draft. "I walked like I owned the world," Allen explained of her grandson landing in D.C.

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