In at least one way, Justin Bieber is your typical 18-year-old. He's become preoccupied with a sports video game. But unlike the rest of the teen crowd, he can take his compulsion to new levels.

Turns out Bieber has been burning the midnight oil with his obsession for the 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour' video game series.

The Sun of London reports the Canadian pop icon recently made "secret trips" to a sweet golf simulator while visiting England to promote his new album 'Believe.'

In other words, Bieber has been so overwhelmed by his fans since landing in the U.K., so he has to escape to the indoor golf simulator to "relax", according to the Sun.

In addition to becoming a fan of Tiger, Bieber is friends with 2012 Masters champion Bubba Watson. We don't know if Watson has let the Biebs try on his brand new green jacket yet.

During his visit to London, the world's favorite male pop star has encountered screaming, hysterical mobs of British fans attempting to stop him from leaving their country. The Mirror of London reports some teenage girls literally ran into the road to use their bodies as human road blocks to stop his car. (It didn't work, and Bieber has since returned to the United States.)

All in all, it sounds like Bieber had a blast on his visit to London's Urban Golf centre, which reportedly allows golfers to play 52 of the world's toughest courses.

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