Granted, things could change, but at least for now the NFL's newest star is a real geek.

Andrew Luck won't be upset we wrote that. After all, he is a self-described "nerd." The former Stanford quarterback is a piece of nostalgia when it comes to the NFL Draft. Chances are pretty good Luck will be the last No. 1 overall pick without a Twitter page.

Despite being a top college athlete who's about to become very wealthy, he does things a tad different than the norm.

The USA Today reports Luck doesn't have his own Twitter or Facebook pages. Keep in mind, Robert Griffin III, the probable No. 2 pick in this year's draft, signed up for Twitter on April 3 and already has almost 140,000 followers.

Although Luck does use e-mail and text messaging, he doesn't have a slick iPhone or Blackberry. In fact, the 22-year-old uses an old school flip phone. "I don't know how old my phone is, but it was only $10," Luck tells the USA Today. "It is a nice subconscious way of not having the Internet at your fingertips … e-mail, Twitter or Facebook."

While attending Stanford, the architectural design major, who's about to graduate, shared a three-year-old Honda Accord with his younger sister who plays on the school's volleyball team. More often than not, the quarterback would travel around campus on his bicycle.

Luck's goofball side shines when he brags about being the "self-proclaimed champion of Bananagram in our apartment-dorm." By the way, for those non-geeks, Bananagram is a word game that uses lettered tiles to spell words.

In many ways, Luck's upbringing was similar to Kobe Bryant of the Lakers. Both sons of professional athletes, Andrew's dad Oliver Luck was an NFL quarterback. Luck also moved often, and he had lived in 13 homes before celebrating his 11th birthday. The younger Luck spent much of his youth in Europe, mainly Germany according to the USA Today, as his dad worked for the now defunct NFL Europe.

Oliver Luck describes his son as a "throwback kid," using the cliche that "every athletic director would love to have 125 football players like Andrew." Oliver would know about that, he's the AD at West Virginia University.

In essence, Andrew Luck can't stand getting preferential treatment because he's a big armed quarterback. He's described as the kind of guy who enjoys the simple things in life, such as a beer with teammates.

"I realize I'm very fortunate to hopefully make a lot of money playing football," Luck told the USA Today's Jon Saraceno. "I don't know if I want to abuse that privilege and make myself a larger figure than I am. I don't know how to make sense of this … (of) not getting too full of myself, realizing that I'm human.

"It is still a game. You're not saving lives or curing cancer. You are providing entertainment. Maybe you can make someone's week."

In other words, he gets it, you'd have to be a real knucklehead to not pull for this guy when he puts on an Indianapolis Colts uniform.

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