It's been said that "art is the triumph over chaos." Well, Yankees fans better hope art triumphs over the chaos of Alex Rodriguez's clutch hitting problems.

The Yankees third baseman happens to have a taste for the world of modern art. So when the 10th Art Basel art show opened this week in Miami -- the most important convention of its kind in North America -- the future Hall of Famer highlighted the week with a ritzy party at his new South Florida home. The Bronx Bomber invited an eclectic crew of famous friends and not-so-famous folks from the art and entertainment worlds to check out a recent addition to his place from a New York-based painter named Nate Lowman.

But this display wasn't in his living room.

Rodriguez took visitors to his new indoor second-floor batting cage, which is surrounded by Lowman's giant paintings. So in between pitches, A-Rod will be clearing his mind with glances at some magical works of fine art.

Rodriguez said "It's fun right?" and "It's got a little bit of a different twist," reports the Wall Street Journal.

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Owen Wilson, Val Kilmer, Peter Brant, Lea Black and Jane Holzer were on hand to check out the sports-art hybrid, according to the New York Post and New York Times. The party also served as an unofficial housewarming.

Rodriguez's home also includes work from artists Dan Colens, Andy Warhol, and Cyprien Gaillard.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal notes Rodriguez has a Ms. Pac Man machine in a fully loaded gym that overlooks the breathtaking Miami bay.

Should Alex Rodriguez have a big year and the Yankees win the 2012 World Series, we fully expect the Steinbrenner family to buy batting cage art for Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson.

Wall Street Journal Details 2012 Art Basel

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