The Red Sox can't seem to shake their late season slide, so they turned to someone who knows a thing or two about winning the big one.

Pro wrestling legend Ric Flair dragged his TNA Championship belt with him for a surprise visit to Fenway Park in order to meet Dustin Pedroia.

The Boston Globe reports the 2008 American League MVP is a huge wrestling fan -- so much so that last month he spent $400 with teammate Josh Reddick to buy one of Flair's old feathered robes.

Soon after, the BoSox duo added a WWE championship belt and Hulk Hogan varsity jacket to their collection.

Pedroia was on cloud nine while visiting with the wrestling icon, the Globe reports. The second baseman knew all of The Nature Boy's key statistics and trademark sayings, from "jet-flying" to "limousine-riding."

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Flair even brought a wrestling championship belt, of which Pedroia needed the very last notch to secure around his relatively tiny waist.

"It's Flair-mania," Pedroia said.

But was it Pedroia-mania for Flair? Not quite so much.

Flair isn't a huge baseball fan, despite wrestling in Beantown a number of times over his career. He told CBS Boston this was his first trip to Fenway Park. Nature Boy also called Dustin Pedroia, "Dennis Pedoy."

Pedroia, 28, is 34 years younger than the 62-year-old grappling phenom.

But that hardly ruined the vibe. Pedroia joked that Flair should be placed on the team's 40-man roster. Judging by some of the bums wearing Boston uniforms lately, GM Theo Epstein might wanna give it a shot.

Reddick and Pedroia kiddingly told reporters Boston wouldn't lose again after visiting with Flair. A few hours later, they did just that, falling 7-5 to the Baltimore Orioles.

Even the Nature Boy can't fix the Red Sox.