Dez Bryant is in hot water again over a counterfeit signature. The Cowboys receiver is dealing with new allegations regarding a possible forged signature in a big money lawsuit.

You might remember Bryant was sued earlier this year by two different Dallas area jewelers for not paying up close to $800,000 in watches, rings and other bling bling. He was able to settle one of the lawsuits, but the other jeweler says Dez still owes him $600,000.

According to a motion filed by the jeweler's attorney, as reported by WFAA, Bryant admitted to being in debt for only some of the jewelry. But he made one minor mistake, according to the jeweler's attorney: The signature on the form in which he provides the answers is forged..

Beth Ann Blackwood, the jeweler's lawyer, says the "game playing in this case has to stop." They filed a motion for sanctions, demanding an authentic account of Bryant's answers to the allegations, punishment for the bogus John Hanock and $15,000 in attorney's fees.

Bryant signed an $8.5 million, five-year contract with Jerry Jones football team last year. Dez caught 45 balls, with six touchdowns in 12 games with Dallas.

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