Disgraced golf star Tiger Woods will return to superhero status in a soon-to-be-released comic book.

Bluewater Productions, a small comic book company in Vancouver, Washington, is known for creating some off-the-wall works.

It has found success with comics featuring Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Bieber and Michelle Obama. Other stars featured range from Madonna and Hillary Clinton to Betty White.

CNBC reports Woods and actor Charlie Sheen are in development for future comics.

Tiger is the highest-paid pro athlete in the world, with an estimated $90.5 million in winnings and endorsements in 2010. And that's despite a divorce caused by multiple infidelities with at least a dozen random women.

Darren Davis, publisher of Bluewater Productions, says sports figures normally don't sell as well as other celebrities.

It costs Davis company close to $9,000 to make a single comic book.

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