The Southeastern Conference is the class of college football in America. Cam Newton helped make Auburn the fifth straight BCS champion to come out of the SEC. You have to go back to Vince Young's Texas Longhorns of 2005 to find a college football team outside the conference to win a title.

While they have talented athletes on the field, the conference also leads the sporting nation when it comes to fattest fans.

Mississippi, home of two SEC teams (Ole Miss, Miss State) leads the nation with the highest obesity rate (34.4%), based on 2008-2010 combined date. The state of Alabama (32.3%) with the Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers is second fattest, while Tennessee (Vols, Vanderbilt) ranks fourth (31.9%), followed by Louisiana (LSU) rounding out the top five (31.6%).

The Daily reports West Virginia (ranked third) is the only state without an SEC team ranked in the top five fattest states in America.

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