The man fired as host of "Rick's List," on CNN after controversial comments about Jon Stewart and Jews has been hired by a college football team.

And it's the same school that hired Isiah Thomas as its hoops coach.

Florida International University hired Rick Sanchez as radio color commentator for its football team, replacing popular Miami sports radio and TV personality Jorge Sedano, reports CBS Miami.

Sanchez, who had a partial scholarship to play ball at Moorehead State, told the Miami Herald he has a passion for pigskin.

"I played college football. I love football," Sanchez laughed "That part of it is exciting. We all tend to think we could do play-by-play better than the next guy. I don't need money or to chase the next anchor job."

Sedano, busy with his radio and TV gigs, is not upset about losing the FIU job. In fact, he found it amusing that of all people, the controversial Sanchez replaced him. "Though, I do have to be honest," Sedano tweeted. "I did LOL when I heard about the Rick Sanchez news. I mean come on? That's hysterical. No?"

Sanchez, appearing on a SiriusXM radio show last year, called Stewart a "bigot" and claimed CNN and other major TV networks are all run by Jewish people.

How could an institution of higher learning touch a guy with all that baggage?

Turns out FIU athletic director Pete Garcia went to grade school and high school with Sanchez. "He's followed our program," Garcia said of Sanchez. "He did a piece on us for CNN a couple of years ago when we went to play Alabama. I brought [the broadcasting job] up to him to see if he was interested in it.

FIU president Mark Rosenberg, who is Jewish, apparently has no issues with the hire.

The former CNN star told the Miami Herald he still believes the comments he made that cost him his career.

"I stand by what I said -- generally, the news media, broadcast more so than print, has not given opportunities to people of color, particularly Latinos," Sanchez said.

FIU, following a 7-6 season, was picked to win the 2011 Sun Belt conference title.

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