Ronda Rousey

In July, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency established a new program for drug testing UFC fighters. On Wednesday, the USADA released its first few months of results.

Who is the most drug tested UFC fighter? Drumroll please ...

Ronda Rousey!

The poster girl of the sport has been tested a UFC-high five times. There are two ways to look at this. The negative perspective is UFC does not trust Rousey. The positive interpretation is the organization is looking out for the promotion's most valuable asset: A clean Rousey.

Many of Rousey's tests surrounded her Aug. 1 fight against Bethe Correia. Correia has been tested second-most at four times, tied with male fighters Thiago Alves and Antonio Silva. Rousey knocked out Correia in 34 seconds.

Rousey's Nov. 15 opponent, Holly Holm, is not on the list, but she is likely to be tested leading up to the fight. Of course, Rousey will likely see her numbers increase as well.

Cris "Cyborg" Justino, who may be Rousey's most formidable potential competitor, has been tested twice. Justino tested positive for an anabolic steroid in 2011 and was suspended for a year by the California State Athletic Commission. A Rousey-Justino fight could be in the making after the Holm bout, but Rousey is outspoken about Justino's PED use.

Justino posted a picture of herself getting tested Wednesday.

So yes, drug testing is random.

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