Ronda Rousey Beat Up Guys As Teen For Coffee

Ronda Rousey has established that she is not a "Do-Nothing Bitch." We get that. What we did not know is she is a "Coffee Betch."

It turns out Rousey, who said she could take Floyd Mayweather in a no-rules fight, was fighting men when she was half of her current age.

Ronda Rousey

Here is what she told Sports Illustrated:

"I was around 14 years old. And I thought I was hot [expletive], badass, right? And I felt like this secret, blonde, Beverly Hills Ninja. And I loved Frappuccinos. Me and my friend Jackie, after school, we would walk over to the Promenade, and Jackie was like my Paul Heyman. She would be like, 'I bet my girl right here could beat you up for $10, or $5, or whatever.' And then some guy would be like, 'Ehh, whatever. I’ll take that bet.' It would just start, and whatever the guy was, I would throw him to the ground, either give him a choke or an arm bar. We would get him to say he gave up, then take his money and go buy Frappuccinos. Those were my first pro fights. Will fight for Frappuccinos."

Kids, this is not a promotion of violence. It is more of a public service announcement that if a blonde teen challenges you to a fight outside a Starbucks, do not accept. It could be some future, Rousey-inspired UFC champ ready to hurt you and take your coffee money.

Rousey's mother AnnMaria De Mars is a world champion gold medalist in judo and started training Ronda at a young age. At 17, Rousey was the youngest judoka at the 2004 Athens Olympics and she won a bronze medal in 2008 in Beijing. By 14, the Olympics were already in sight and random Southern California hotheads were dead meat ... or should we say cold caffeine.

(NSFW warning for language in the video below.)

Rousey is now 28, and the UFC bantamweight champion actually takes her longer to drink coffee than to fight. She is 12-0 and her past three matches lasted a cumulative 1:04.

Rousey's next bout is against Holly Holm in UFC 193 on Nov. 15 in Melbourne, Australia. She has time for a few Pumpkin Spice Latte Frappuccinos before then.

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