Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is a man of refined taste with an interest in cinema, and he's also a big supporter of anything related to Seattle.

The new 50 Shades of Grey movie is an intersection of those interests, at least technically. Whether for that or just because a significant other wanted him to go, it's hard to say. The fact of the matter is, Wilson went to a late-night showing of the romance novel-turned blockbuster.

And he walked away happy.

Almost on cue, this incited disappointment and criticism from some of his followers. Wilson is an outspoken Christian, and many took him to task for his endorsement of a movie that goes against his Christian ideals.

Wilson didn't back down, though.

But he wasn't interested in continuing the conversation beyond that point, instead diverting attention to a different movie altogether -- one that, while violent and unsavory in its own right, is widely regarded as an all-time great film.

Safe to assume Wilson anxiously awaits the 50 Shades sequel.

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