Aaron Rodgers is pretty confident that God doesn't care which team wins a football game.

Russell Wilson's response: Oh yes, he definitely does.

Speaking at Super Bowl media day, Wilson was asked to respond to recent comments by Aaron Rodgers on the subject of whether God intervenes, or even takes an interest, in the outcome of football games.

"I don't think God's a big football fan," Rodgers said when a fan asked about it on his radio program.

Wilson disagrees. The Seahawks quarterback -- whose team came back to beat the Packers in the NFC championship game, thereby securing its place in this year's Super Bowl -- is steadfast in his belief that football, like anything else, matters to God.

"I think God cares about football," Wilson said to a crowd of reporters. "I think God cares about everything he created."

To some degree, of course, Rodgers and Wilson are both following the convenient party line. Just as Rodgers wouldn't want to consider that God has something against his Packers, Wilson probably gets a little pep in his step from knowing that God is rooting for his team over the competition.

Considering Wilson's Seahawks are aiming to win their second straight Super Bowl, he must think God really, really digs him.

And so begins a very cute back-and-forth between Wilson and God: I love you. Well, I love you more. Well, I love you the most.

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