Maybe he wasn't thrilled with missing the cut at the tournament he twice won in 1994 and 1999. Or maybe he just felt like he had a good feel for the roads around Augusta. Whatever the reason, Jose Maria Olazabal was hauling tail in his Mercedes, going 97 in a 65 near the South Carolina border on his way to his next tournament.

Olazabal was pulled over by a Georgia sheriff's deputy Monday on his way to Hilton Head, S.C., for the Heritage tournament, and the fine he was saddled with was impressive. The final damage came out to a whopping $621 in penalties. And he even got to pose for this lovely mugshot.

But in his defense, Olazabal cooperated the whole time with the officer, apologized, and followed the police car back to town to pay the fine in cash immediately.

After the proper paperwork was filed and taken care of, Olazabal hit the road again, presumably with a little less urgency. Though, it's probably very safe to assume that Olazabal made plenty more at the tournament than he was fined, even by missing the cut at Augusta. He missed the cut the previous three years and still walked away with $10,000 each time.

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