The Monday Lineup thinks the Muppets and Drive should have won every Oscar, and that this was hardly a racy move by Angelina Jolie. Also, Jennifer Lopez did not have a malfunction, but the fact that you want to believe it so badly is...troubling.

Must Reads Of The Day
'Given chance to win NBA’s 2012 All-Star game, LeBron James takes a pass'...Woj brought his blades to the all-star game in Orlando. Yahoo! Sports >>

Charlie Pierce defends Ryan Braun, attacks the 'undeniable idiocy of baseball's steroids "crisis"' in the process. Grantland >>

And while Pierce skewers the entire saga, Jeré Longman says MLB has a flawed system. New York Times >>

Dan Wetzel on why a move to primetime tonight isn't the worst thing that's ever happened to NASCAR. For what it's worth, we think it's going to be awesome. Yahoo! Sports >>

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't, but an ESPN analyst and former college football player won an Oscar last night. Awful Announcing >>

Your waiter has been staring at you since the moment you sat down at your table, and he or she is learning to pick up more things from observing you before you're even greeted. Not creepy at all. Wall Street Journal >>

Babe Ruth's 1920 Yankees jersey is going to fetch a hefty sum at auction. Also, stuff like this is totally awesome. Steve Henson gives you the details. Yahoo! Sports >>

On the eve of joining the SEC, Texas A&M has two women vying to be Yell Leaders on the traditionally male-dominated squad. Perhaps those SEC crowds will be less hostile in return? Probably not. Wall Street Journal >>

This reminds us of the intense, fast-paced life of the towns in England from 'Hot Fuzz.' By far the hardest-hitting, latest-breaking news story you'll read today. Hope you're ready for an adrenaline rush of news. Mid Sussex Times >>

Josh Beckett, don't ever change, no matter how much the Boston media pokes and prods. Guessing these quotes from the team ace won't sit well in Beantown WEEI >>

Is it time for Ohio State fans to panic about the state of their basketball team as the tournament inches closer? Zac Jackson chimes in. Fox Sports >>

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Top Tweets
1) "This just in: Flu epidemic affecting all #Daytona500 fans. Stay home from work to prevent spread. Turn on Fox for updates. @NASCAR" Mario Andretti

2) "I can't get enough of these Kodak Theatre jokes." Norm Macdonald, Comedian

3) "Congrats, "Midnight in Paris", the film that answered the question, 'What if your pretentious college boyfriend wrote 'Back to the Future'?'" Tim Carvell

AM Video Round-up: This is an average night at the bowling alley for us. Also, Pete Weber is insane.

Nobody asked us, but this should have won the hole for Lee Westwood.

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