On the campus of USC, where Asian students make up a fifth of the undergraduate student body and more than 11 percent come from other countries, Fox Sports' Bob Oschack thought it would be amusing to ask several members of those groups to welcome Utah and Colorado to the Pac 12. The result is disturbing to say the least:

(Thanks to TheBigLead and Media Matters for flagging this.)

It's funny when Jay Leno asks Americans from all walks of life about topics they probably should know -- like what the debt ceiling is. This isn't that. Oschack asks only Asian college students about a topic few students on campus really need to understand -- conference realignment. That's bad enough. But he didn't just interview any Asian he saw. He filmed Asians who are probably not born in this country and struggle at times with English as a second language. The intended joke is on them, and they don't even understand it.

If this appalling spoof took aim at another racial or ethnic minority, the outcry would be enormous. In this case, FOX took it down and now the video is disappearing from the Web. Too little, too late.

[Ed. note: Per Deadspin, Fox has apologized.]

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