The folks at in Malaysia have struck gold again with a prank involving a professional masquerading as a novice.

In March, the premise was a pro race car driver posing as a teen girl in need of driving lessons, and the victims were instructors on their first day of work at the school. After faking it by struggling with some basics, the driver cranks up the speed and starts doing stunts that leave the instructors terrified.

This time the producers got Germaine Yeap, a 30-year-old local Muay Thai champion, to pose as a nerdy young woman with seemingly no clue how to fight. She asks a trainer at the Muay Thai gym if he can help her learn to spar. He is reluctant at the first, saying, "I just don’t want to hurt you," but then agrees.

Yeap plays the pushover in the ring with two instructors who take turns working out with her. Then after the successful set-up, she unleashes her actual skills, and the trainers are suddenly in trouble, covering up the best they can.

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