Driving instructors probably don't get the credit they deserve. Putting aside their anal-retentive attention to detail, these individuals also make a living crawling into vehicles helmed by unproven drivers -- many of them inexperienced teenage maniacs -- which can't be anything less than terrifying.

So a professional driver named Leona Chin decided to have some fun with that. Chin is a professional driver with experience in rally cars, go-carts, autocross, drifting and other feats of extreme driving. She teamed up with Maxman.tv and a local driving school to haze some new instructors on their first day at work.

Here's how you know Leona Chin is a great driver: In the video below, she does a fantastic job of playing a bad one. We've skipped ahead through some of the prank's setup, which features Chin pretending to have trouble with some of the basics.

Then, when the instructors have had enough, she shows them what she's got:

The emotions displayed cover the entire spectrum, with the best display coming from a woman who, even with both feet safely back on solid ground, is still battling the panic of certain death.

Pranks may be mean, but they're also entertaining.

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