The only thing better than this 84-year-old grandmother's putt to win $16,000 is her adorable reaction after sinking the ball.

Margaret, a competitor on a recent episode of "The Price Is Right," was given two chances to sink a short putt that would earn her a new car. She misses the first but, as you'll see, is right on the money with her second try.

Even for a show that's had some awesome fan reactions, this one is truly heartwarming.

Of course, it should be noted that Margaret's putting stance is technically illegal. It became outlawed after Sam Snead used it in 1967.

“Not too many people can bend over quite as well as I can, but I think it is good for old golfers," Snead told Sports Illustrated at the time. "They don't have to coordinate two hands, only one."

Upon seeing Margaret's stance, the PGA had some fun with the comparison:

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