Super Bowl ads have evolved well beyond the million-dollar spots themselves. The best ones become a part of popular culture and live long lives in the minds of fans.

And with the Internet, commercials are only the centerpiece of a marketing strategy built around that all-important Super Bowl ad. Brands are getting savvier about how they squeeze more value out of those opportunities.

That's why we're already seeing a steady stream of teaser trailers released online to stoke excitement for the commercials themselves. Nationwide Insurance, for example, this week released a teaser video starring Mindy Kaling that offers just a taste of what will transpire during breaks from the big football game itself:

England's Newcastle, meanwhile, has taken the unique approach of branding itself as an underdog in the big-money world of Super Bowl advertising. In the process, the company is able to poke fun at other Super Bowl advertisers while presenting itself in a unique, memorable way.

And what better spokesperson to pair with that strategy than the ever sarcastic, always irritated Aubrey Plaza?

Plenty more Super Bowl ads are rolling out pre-game video to stoke fan interest, and that's where Hulu comes in. The online video service has launched the Toyota AdZone, which will compile many of this year's Super Bowl commercials along with popular ad spots from years past.

Hulu said in a press release that it will be adding videos to the collection daily, and fans are encouraged to vote on their favorite commercials of all time.

So there it is: Super Bowl Sunday is no longer a one-day commercial bonanza. It's a 10-day event.

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