The Super Bowl isn't the only bowl in town. For fans of distractions other than football, cable channels have been getting creative in recent years to produce programming that appeals to a different, underrepresented audience.

There's the long-running Puppy Bowl, and then came the Kitten Bowl. Now, after last year's success with the inaugural Fish Bowl, National Geographic has announced that Fish Bowl II is officially on the schedule.

The channel will dedicate four hours of programming during the Super Bowl to some goldfish -- allegedly double the goldfish on display last year -- swimming around in a bowl. There will also be a clownfish added to this year's tank, guaranteeing some wackiness from the four-hour saga.

If that doesn't sound exciting to you, consider how non-football fans must feel about an entire day dedicated to a sport they don't care about.

Fish Bowl II may appeal to a niche group, but it fulfills the vast potential of cable television by ensuring there's something for everyone to watch on Super Bowl Sunday -- assuming you enjoy football, puppies, kittens or fish.

If that doesn't sate your appetite, there's always next year.

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