Being cut from the U.S. World Cup team has opened all sorts of creative opportunities for Landon Donovan. The latest is a Foot Locker commercial that pushes the message of how great athletes need to have short memories. Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen worked the first segment, and Donovan stars in the second with James Harden.

The gag is that Donovan cannot remember getting cut.

"They can't cut me," Donovan tells Harden. "I'm the captain."

Nice bonus twist there, as Donovan forgot that Clint Dempsey is the captain.

It would be fun to see Donovan interact with these fans who were interviewed about the World Cup on Jimmy Kimmel's show:

Here are Donovan's first two spots in which he countered the disappointment of missing the trip to Brazil with a little humor:

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