We don't know why a Japanese TV game show decided it might be fun to pit two professional soccer players against 55 kids, but there's no arguing against the payoff. This is sports comedy gold.

The show is called Kyokugen, which, at least according to one translation, means extreme utmost limit.

In the clip below, Shinji Kagawa of Manchester United and Hiroshi Kiyotake of FC Nurnberg face off against 33 Japanese youngsters. The professionals move the ball down the field with relative ease and score against three goalkeepers.

That's when the show ups the ante and adds another 22 kids to the field. Of the 55 youths, five are positioned as goalies.

To the credit of the two professionals, they didn't unleash a powerhouse kick that might have flattened one of the kid goalies. Then again, it's not like they had to either.

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