One of the newest trend for daring sports fans is filming themselves going places where they shouldn't be.

Like when two college students supposedly snuck into the Super Bowl and recorded their journey. Or when a girl posted a Vine of her and her friends running onto the field at the College World Series.

Well, one audacious fan has taken things to another level. Not only did he film himself running onto the pitch at a recent international friendly between Real Madrid and Inter Milan in St. Louis, this young man actually posed with Real Madrid stars Sergio Ramos and Kaka.

Check it out:

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This isn't the first time during Real Madrid's American tour that a crazed fan has interacted with a player. Earlier a man ran to Ronaldo and actually received an embrace from the star striker. Frankly, it's amazing how poised these soccer players are with fans. If someone ran onto the field at an NFL game, it's hard to believe any player would give that fan the time of day.

(H/T to Deadspin)