He may not be as talented as Metta World Peace as a TV weatherman, but Hulk Hogan took a shot at it this week on a local Tampa Bay station.

At one point, Hogan begins to tell the audience the weather, before realizing, "Oh, I'm supposed to read it off there."

For the most part, Hogan helped the station's normal weatherman read off the screen, but he manages to include an imitation of Randy (Macho Man) Savage's signature line, "Oooohhhh yeeeaaahh!" Hogan got into his groove at the end of the nearly four-minute segment with a flawless rundown of the seven-day forecast.

"What you gonna do when the beautiful weather that Hulk Hogan moved all of the clouds out of the weather shines on you," he asked. "What you gonna do, brother?"

Luckily, Hogan wasn't there as a weatherman tryout -- he was plugging TNA Impact Wrestling.