Everything about Andre The Giant was big including his sense of humor. And his flatulence.

As two of his friends recalled before the Hollywood premiere of HBO's Andre The Giant documentary, those elements often worked in tandem.

Andre The Giant HBO Documentary Poster

"I've been in different dressing rooms, like a hockey dressing room where there'd be a wooden bench, and you could put 20 people sitting there," Hulk Hogan said. "If Andre was to pass some gas, the whole bench would rumble all the way down to the end and vibrate the guy on the end of the bench. He used to think that was quite funny.

"His placement was very deliberate."

The initial airing on HBO is Tuesday April 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, and the documentary includes an all-star lineup of wrestlers and entertainment celebrities providing insight and commentary.

One of them is actor Cary Elwes who became friends with Andre while shooting the classic film "The Princess Bride." He independently confirmed the flabbergasting force of Andre's exhaust.

"One time he passed wind on the set, and it deafened everybody," Elwes said. "And Rob Reiner said, 'Are you OK, Andre?' and he said, 'I am now.' He was always quick with a line. He had us all laughing all the time."

Sometimes those laughs came with a price when Andre let one loose.

"Oh my God, we all had tinnitus for a week," Elwes said.

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