For most people, driving a car off a 25-foot high ramp and doing a 360-degree backflip would be the craziest thing they've ever done. By far.

For French daredevil Guerlain Chicherit, it may have cracked his top three.

But just because Chicherit has pulled off some wild stunts before doesn't make this one any less awesome.

After years of practice, Chicherit drove a specially built Mini Countryman off a quarter pipe at the French ski resort Tignes. He shot up 75 feet in the air before completing a full 360-degree backflip.

Just how impressive was the stunt? According the the Daily Mail, Chicherit became the first person to successfully land a 360-degree backflip in a car.

"When you attempt something nobody has ever achieved before, the stress is really high but the only way is to just try it," Chicherit said afterwards. "It wasn't the craziest thing I've ever done but for sure it's in the top three. It was sick - I just want to do it again."

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