Kyle Singler can score from just about anywhere on the basketball court. A four-year starter at Duke, Singler finished fourth on the Blue Devils' all-time scoring list with 2,392 points.

And those of you who have followed Singler's career may know that he racked up lots of baskets at Duke that didn't necessarily count toward that scoring total. During his time in Durham, Singler starred in a pair of trick shot videos that have gained nearly 2 million views on YouTube. They are called "Kyle Gets Buckets" and "Kyle Gets Buckets 2.0." They are both worth a watch.

Now a member of the Detroit Pistons, Singler recently set out to prove he hasn't lost his trick-shot flair. During a trip to a few Detroit landmarks, Singler nailed some unbelievable baskets. He kicked a ball through a field goal post at Detroit's Ford Field, he made a no-look shot outside Comerica Park, and much, much more.

Singler saves the best shot for last, when he bounces a ball off a moving car and somehow manages to land it in the hoop.

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