We often wonder how good the United States would be at soccer if our best athletes played the sport. Could anyone score with LeBron James in the goal? Would any defenders be able to contain Robert Griffin III in the box?

Well, here's a question for you: How good would Europeans be at American football if their best athletes didn't play soccer? It's hard to say, but we do know this much: they'd produce some pretty darn good kickers. If you needed evidence, check out this trick shot video.

This man's name is Havard Rugland and he is a former soccer player from Norway. He posted this video about one month ago, but it has exploded in recent days, and now it has more than a quarter of a million views. We've seen kickers nail some pretty cool shots before, but this guy has some serious creativity. He kicks on the beach, at the railroad tracks and throughout the Norwegian countryside. He also nails kicks from just about everywhere on the football field.

Granted, it's very difficult to tell if this guy had some digital assistance in the creation of this video, but it's still pretty cool.

(H/T to Bro Bible)

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