Most people could not run a mile in 5:09, let alone run a mile and chug four beers in that time.

But that's why Nick Symmonds is a world-class middle-distance runner. The 28-year-old Symmonds is a two-time Olympian who finished fifth in the 800-meter race in London. Now that the Olympics are over, Symmonds is having a little fun.

Symmonds, who has been called the "Brad Pitt" of runners and once scored a date with Paris Hilton, recently tried to break the world record for the "beer mile." This event consists of a competitor running four quarter-mile laps and chugging a beer before each lap.

A Canadian marathoner named Jim Finlayson set the 5:09 record that Symmonds tried to break. Symmonds did some strenuous training before the attempt to prepare his body.

Could Symmonds chug his way to glory? Find out in the video below:

Just a tad off the pace, but Symmonds should be proud to know he does own the American beer mile record.

In case you think you've got a world record time in you, here is an official and surprisingly extensive list of world record holders.

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