Watch out, Christian Bale. Steve Nash is coming for your part in the next Dark Knight movie, and he's got the gig down pat.

Nash, who is expected to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, is featured in a video released Thursday in which he portrays Batman. However this isn't the Batman you're familiar with. This is a superhero who struggled with depression and weight gain. But thanks to the amazing workout routine "Bat/Sanity," Batman was able to get his life on track. Now he's in the best shape of his life.

Check it out:

Nash, who looks as comfortable in front of the camera as he does on the court, co-runs the production company Meathawk. Together with his cousin, Nash produced an ESPN "30 for 30" film about an amputee who attempted to run across Canada in support of cancer research.

After basketball, Nash has said he would like to spend more time working with Meathawk.

Now that Nash is in Los Angeles, hopefully he'll have more opportunities to do stuff like this. Because let's be honest, this is awesome.

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