Manny Machado had hit just five home runs in about two minutes during his first Home Run Derby appearance when he decided to call his timeout. He needed to refuel to post a number capable of beating Joc Pederson.

Out came Orioles teammate Adam Jones with just the right snack. Jones served Machado some chips and salsa to get him going again.

We've seen players grab Gatorade, water and towels, but snacking during the Home Run Derby might be unprecedented. Even Prince Fielder had a bite of cotton candy during his round.

However, here's where Machado takes the cake (to stretch the food theme) for the mid-round theatrics. It was his own salsa.

Yes, Machado has his own line of salsa, aptly called "Machado's Salsa." It's been out for more than a year, sold exclusively at Giant and

So the inspiration for this break could have been the opportunity to do some ambush marketing. (Hey, this is capitalism, and it caught our attention.) The product got some nice exposure as the overnight TV ratings show a 26 percent increase from last year's derby.

After unveiling his line of salsa last season, Machado bumped his batting average from .230 to .278. Monday night, he hit seven more home runs after his salsa intake.

Maybe it's luck, or maybe it's the salsa.

Regardless, Machado still fell to Pederson in the first round. Pederson took down Albert Pujols in the semifinals and lost to Cincinnati's hometown hero Todd Frazier in the finals.

Machado will play in his second All-Star Game on Tuesday night after hitting a team-high 19 home runs (tied with Chris Davis) so far this season.

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