The Great Lakes region is not for the faint-of-heart. Its brutal winters mean communities gotta stick together and watch out for one another.

When Buffalo was buried under six-plus feet of the Snowpocalypse last month -- a massive blizzard that developed over Lake Erie and dumped its moisture on the port city -- the Bills' home stadium was rendered unusable. The team had to seek a temporary home for its game against the Jets that week.

Detroit swooped in and saved the day, granting the Bills use of Ford Field and allowing the game to go on as played -- even if a day late, and in front of an undersized crowd that was gifted free admission to the game.

That charitable act was not forgotten. Today, it was rewarded.

A spokesman for the Bills said the free pizza and wings was a "small token of our appreciation for the (Lions') generous hospitality."

The real gift, though, is one money can't buy. Buffalo upset Green Bay on Sunday, allowing the Lions to tie the Packers at 10-4 atop the NFC North race with just two weeks to go.

That just makes the free food taste all the better.

Please check your turduckens at the door. There's only room for one multi-animal meat bonanza, and in Levi's Stadium, that freak show is known as the "Roast Beast."

The creation of Chef Dave Varley is the sort of excessive meat spree that was once restricted to buffalo hunts on the Oregon Trail computer game. Within the mass of the Roast Beast -- also referred to as LambPigCow -- are 24 quail, 12 chickens, eight ducks, six turkeys, two lambs, one whole pig, and one beef saddle.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

Varley used Instagram to bring fans along for the creation process on Thanksgiving when the 49ers hosted the Seahawks.

The roast beast is on. Now we pray.

A photo posted by David Varley (@dwvarley) on

Time to unleash the beast!

A photo posted by David Varley (@dwvarley) on

Before you drool down your shirt, be aware that there are some obstacles to feasting on the beast. For one, it was available only to 49ers season-ticket holders. And those season-ticket holders needed to pay the extra $5,000 fee to attend the team's season-long all-you-can-eat buffet and tailgate parties.

But if you're really rich and have no idea what to do with your money, this would've been a great option to consider.

It's not clear if the beast will be back, although the 49ers have two home games that bookend Christmas. That would be a good thematic fit since the original Roast Beast was carved by the Grinch.

Thanksgiving is a cheat day for everyone -- even NFL lineman. The average American consumes more than 4,500 calories at their Thanksgiving meal, along with 229 grams of fat.

It's safe to say Eric Wood's dining performance far exceeds the national average.

The Buffalo Bills lineman tweeted a photo of what appears to be a weight gain score sheet from Thanksgiving Day, which reveals that the lineman upped his weight from 302 to almost 310 pounds in the span of a day.

That's 7.4 pounds of consumption.

No word on whether this was a family competition, but if it was, Wood seems to have had some impressive competition. Another score on that sheet showed another person gaining 6.6 pounds.

But considering that Wood had 70 pounds on his competitor, the Bills lineman got schooled in percentage of weight gained.

This year will be an unusual Thanksgiving in the Harbaugh household.

For one thing, Jim's 49ers are playing the Seahawks on Thursday night, so the family will have to find another time to sit down for a meal. And when Jim, his wife, Sarah, and their three young children do enjoy their Thanksgiving feast, one key dish will be missing.

Harbaugh revealed this week that, after seeing a somewhat distressing clip during Sunday Night Football, he and his wife are considering alternates to turkey. The clip in question was used during a stoppage in the game, and it was meant as a lighthearted way to incorporate turkeys into the broadcast.

But, as evidenced by the Harbaugh family, the clip backfired.

At the end of the clip you can even hear broadcaster Cris Collinsworth let out a disapproving groan after Al Michaels' morbid joke.

"We were watching the Sunday Night Football game," Harbaugh told reporters this week. "We were planning on having turkey, but then they showed this piece where they were showing all the turkeys and everything and my son Jack and Katie and Addie, 'Look at the turkeys. Look at all the turkeys there.' And they were getting excited looking at the turkeys."

The children Harbaugh mentions are all under 7 years old, so you know this story won't end well.

"And then the next shot was they had loaded the turkeys onto a truck and they were driving them away and the kids were like, 'Where are they going?'," Harbaugh said. "And we kind of thought maybe we won't have turkey this year for Thanksgiving. So, we're in discussion on that. We'll have some tofu or something."

This may mean Harbaugh will have to come up with a new catchphrase if anyone asks him about the confidence of his quarterback, as a reporter did following one of Alex Smith's strong performances in 2012.

The Seahawks have been accused of committing a cardinal sin: Selling watered-down beer to its famously passionate fan base.

And there are test results to prove it.

An investigative report by Seattle's KOMO News sent samples of six beers sold at Seahawks games for testing at a laboratory.

All six of the beers were found to contain alcohol at lower concentrations than advertised. The most egregious case was Budweiser, which tested at just 4.4 percent ABV despite being advertised at 5 percent.

That's 12 percent less alcohol in each can than what consumers thought they were getting. Federal law prohibits beer from containing any more than 0.3 percent less alcohol than advertised.

Anheuser-Busch, which owns five of the six beers sold at CenturyLink Field, insisted that there was no tampering done do the beer, and that it is the same beer fans buy anywhere else in the country.

But KOMO found many fans who were disgruntled with the news, criticizing the football organization of being corrupted by money.

One fan did have a convenient solution: A little more pre-game binging before heading into the stadium. Here's the full report from KOMO:

It's the event from Hell.

Or perhaps more specifically, it's the event in Hell.

Located roughly 30 miles northwest of Ann Arbor, the town of Hell, Michigan, hosts a gathering of hearse owners every September called Hellfest.

These aren't funeral directors, just car enthusiasts who enjoy having a hearse as part of their collection. As you might suspect, a good sense of humor is required to be a member of this club. The name? The Nightmare Cruisers Hearse Club.

One member, Steve Frey, has taken the concept one step further by turning his hearse, a 1983 Cadillac Superior, into what he calls the Open Casket Bar And Grill. See how he rebuilt this hearse and coffin combination to serve up hot food on the grill and store cold drinks in the cooler:

As if World Series tickets weren't expensive enough, one Kansas City fan appears to have spent a few hundred extra dollars on hot dogs for people in his section during Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday.

And this guy didn't just deliver the hot dogs to his fellow fans. In true baseball fashion he chucked the dogs around the section as if he were an outfielder gunning down a runner tagging up from third base.

A Royals fan named Zach Brady tweeted that he was sitting in the same section as the now-famous hot dog purchaser:

From another tweet, it appears as though this fan was in section 431 at Kauffman Stadium:

This man's actions were documented in a few videos that have since been uploaded to YouTube:

Some Snapchats of the man tossing hot dogs made it onto Snapchat's Story from Game 1, meaning people around the country got to witness this guy's generosity:

At least these fans had something to cheer about on Tuesday. Their Royals, who had not lost a game in these playoffs, fell to the San Francisco Giants, 7-1.

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Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan isn't asking for that much, really. It's just that, well, the entree selection on his chartered Delta flight could be more diverse, and did you notice that the Baltimore Orioles got sushi as a pre-departure snack?

And I mean, come on: Everyone knows a teriyaki-glazed salmon filet tops chicken breast with hoisin sauce any day.

These are the hardships Mr. Ryan faces on a regular basis as he jet-sets across the country to kick footballs high into the air to the satisfaction of millions. It's normal to be suspicious, even distrustful, of the service received on planes anymore, but rarely do we stumble upon the cold, hard evidence that Mr. Ryan has unearthed.

On the team's flight back home after a win over the Redskins on Monday Night Football, Mr. Ryan found a leftover menu from a chartered flight for baseball's Baltimore Orioles one day earlier. The shoddy maid-service was an insult on its own, but then Mr. Ryan reviewed the menu selection and noticed the two teams were given different options:

But then again, perhaps the punter should take a closer look and see that the menu differences don't necessarily benefit the Orioles. Seattle, for example, was given the option of a burger as a pre-flight snack; Baltimore wasn't.

The Seahawks' menu also explicitly offers vegetarian options, which is thoughtful. That menu also features a much more developed and impressive snack menu, which is critical if you exercise poor judgment in your entree selection.

And if we're judging things solely off the menu selection, the Orioles were denied a beverage section. That's just rude.

Next time we're flying coach between two phlegm-hacking seatmates that have stolen our armrests on either side, we'll flag down the flight attendant and file a formal complaint on your behalf.

Because you, Mr. Ryan, deserve better.

Of all the honors Derek Jeter has received over the past year, the newest one may be the tastiest.

New York's famed Carnegie Deli has unveiled its tribute to the retired New York Yankees shortstop, and it's a doozy. The 'Derek Jeter Triple Club Sandwich' consists of layers upon layers of turkey topped with bacon, American cheese and iceberg lettuce. It's served on toasted white bread and is big enough for three people.

And get this -- it costs $28.

The sandwich has lots of symbolism. Sarri Harper, the daughter of Carnegie owner Marian Levine, told the New York Daily News that the club has five ingredients because Jeter won five World Series titles. It's got two different meats because Jeter wore No. 2. And why American cheese? Because, according to Harper, "nothing is more American than baseball."

Carnegie Deli is known for naming sandwiches after famous New Yorkers, and its most popular item remains the Woody Allen, which consists of corn beef and pastrami. Unlike the Woody Allen, however, the 'Derek Jeter Triple Club Sandwich' may only have a limited run. For example, the Howard Cosell -- with a cut of tongue and a lot of bologna -- is no longer offered.

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With Jameis Winston on the sidelines serving a suspension for shouting an obscene phrase in Florida State's student union, the school served up a reminder of the quarterback's past troubles to current recruits.

According to four-star recruit Matthew Burrell, an offensive lineman who was making his official visit to Tallahassee, Fla., over the weekend, the Seminoles served crab legs at halftime of the school's matchup with Clemson.

“One of the best parts of the visit was the food with the crab legs,” Burrell told 247Sports.

It's not hard to see why this is somewhat awkward for Florida State. In April Winston was accused of stealing $32.72 worth of crab legs from a local Publix supermarket and received civil citation. Winston performed community service, and the FSU baseball team suspended him for three games.

South Florida hip hop icon Uncle Luke, a longtime Miami Hurricanes fan who knows a thing or two about college football scandals, thought the story was worth a tweet:

While this may bring up bad memories for Seminoles fans, it seems like Burrell thoroughly enjoyed the grub and the rest of his visit. He and his brother even got a picture with last season's Heisman Trophy winner:

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