Tom Brady and Drew Brees have more in common than a Super Bowl ring, a rocket launcher for an arm and a formidable bevy of endorsement deals.

The two future Hall of Famers are, apparently, master pancake chefs.

Both quarterbacks used their time off the past few days to whip up some flapjacks. Here's a picture of Brady, uploaded by his wife, Gisele:

And here's a photo that Brees uploaded to Twitter:

Unfortunately we never saw Brady's finished product, so it's hard to compare the two chefs. But both men seem to have mastered the fatherly routine of cooking pancakes for their young kids. Brady has three kids while Brees has four. All seven children are under 10.

Brees and Brady had time off for opposite reasons. Whereas Brady was enjoying a bye week after leading his Patriots to the top seed in the AFC, Brees is on vacation after his Saints finished the season 7-9-1.

Because Brees and his teammates are out of the playoffs, many of his followers responded to his post with jokes about his excessive free time:

Brady and the Patriots take on the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday in the AFC divisional round.

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